About Us

Our Silkens are very much part of the family. They enjoy time on the couch, sleeping in bed, playing like hooligans in our large yard, going on public outings with us around town, and on regular hikes in the woods.  They train and compete in obedience, agility, conformation and ASFA/LGRA/NOTRA, and love doing it!

We believe in completely socializing all of our dogs in different situations with people of all ages, different dog breeds, and cats, so that our dogs will feel comfortable anywhere and adjust easily to new environments. Any litters we have will be carefully thought out and selected, and we fully health and DNA test our dogs before breeding them. Conformation and temperament are major factors in considering who we will use in our breeding program, as we plan on breeding only to better the breed. We believe in starting our puppies out with early neurological stimulation and socialization (we use techniques from both Puppy Culture and Avidog), and spend lots of time setting them up for success in their new homes. All of our dogs are microchipped and kept up to date on vaccines. Any Silkens that we place will always have a home with us no matter how old, and we will take a dog back without question. Families are always matched with the Silken that will fit best for them, and Sigil Silken owners have a lifetime of support.


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