Our Ladies

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Fox Glen’s Daring Dances Lindy-Hop
Date of Birth: 11/20/2017
ISWS Registration #: 2017-648/02
UKC Registration #: P861-003
Sire: Fox Glen’s Aon Eire Doolin
Dam: Fox Glen’s Maewyn
Height: 19”

Color: Gold Brindle
MDR1 & CEA Clear
Embark DNA results
OFA Health Tested & CHIC Certified
DNA: Verified by VGL (ISW1221)
Don’t let her size fool you! Lindy is a spitfire with a huge personality and loads of affection to give. She is HIGHLY food motivated, biddable, and a pleasure to train. She is also a speed demon (or “pocket rocket”, as she has been called), and has insane amounts of lure drive. She excels in lure coursing/racing, and does great in the ring as well! She loves toys, socializing, cuddling, and being the center of attention. Lindy is currently working on her UKC and ISWS championships and certed for ASFA Open in the spring of 2021. She was certed for LGRA in the fall of 2019.

UKC CH Clayborn Sunera Milky Way NTD
Date of Birth: 10/4/2018

ISWS Registration #: 2018-731/03
UKC Registration #: B219-481
Sire: UKC CH Clayborn’s Spotted Towhee
Dam: ISWS CH UKC GRCH Avalon Vera Cruz
Height: 21″
Color: Cream Irish Marked
MDR1 Clear, CEA Carrier
Embark DNA results
OFA Health Tested & CHIC Certified
DNA: Verified by VGL (NCD118523)
Lemon is by far our sassiest Silken. She is as smart as a whip (it’s frightening sometimes) and will assess any situation thoroughly to determine whether the outcome/reward is worth it or not. Her quirkiness and mischievousness have captured our hearts. She excels at and craves daily training/conditioning and has a promising future in agility and conformation. She loves toys, the outdoors, and is a bit of a swamp hound, often getting zoomies after running in the creek. When she’s not entertaining herself, she loves harassing the other dogs and cuddling with her humans. Lemon is currently working towards her UKC Grand Championship (she earned her Champion title in August 2021) and ISWS Championship, is getting close to competing in agility, and has multiple Trick Dog titles.

Entourage Sea of Destiny
Date of Birth: 1
ISWS Registration #: 2019-725/01
UKC Registration #: B234-884
Sire: UKC GRCH Serenity Majestic Seas
UKC GRCH Kumbaya Silkendream Maychen
Height: 19″
Color: Silver Brindle Spotted on White
MDR1 & CEA Clear

Embark DNA Results
OFA Health Tested & CHIC Certified
DNA: Verified by VGL (ISWS1564)
Kiwi is a wild little soul with a BOLD personality! She has never met a stranger and knows how to get what she wants, and we love it! She is extremely social and loves playing with her people as much as her siblings. She has done well in the ring even as a young pup, and has a strong drive for the lure as well. We are excited to see her blossom and look forward to a fun future with her! Kiwi is currently working towards her UKC and ISWS Championships, and started agility classes in the fall of 2019.

Sigil Hideaway

Date of Birth: 4/15/20
ISWS Registration #: 2020-826/01
UKC Registration #: P956-354
Sire: UKC CHKristull Winter is Coming
Dam: Fox Glen’s Daring Dances Lindy-Hop
Height: TBD
Color: Gold Brindle
MDR1 & CEA Clear
Embark DNA results
OFA Health Tested
DNA Verified by VGL

Demo is our first bred-by, keeper puppy! She ended up being exactly what we were hoping for; a little clone of her mother, Lindy, with just a bit more substance to her. We look forward to trying out all kinds of fun things with this girl, and think she will enjoy it all! She has already passed beginner’s competition obedience and has shown interest in the lure while attending racing events in the fall of 2020. She will make her show ring debut in 2021!

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