Our Gentlemen

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Clayborn’s Doc HolidayIMG_20201127_180950_88520210331_171043

Date of Birth: 5/7/2018
ISWS Registration #: 2018-685/03
UKC Registration #: B191-553
Sire: Firebird Clayborn Sea Dragon
Dam: UKC CH Clayborn’s Prairie Warbler
Height: 23″
Color: Cream Sable
MDR1 Clear, CEA 
Embark DNA results
OFA Health Tested
DNA: Verified by VGL (ISW1373)
Our Roose is the happiest, most loving boy. He is a sweet and sensitive soul who is very in tune with his people. He lives for snuggles, enjoys being the referee of our pack, and that tail doesn’t ever stop wagging! He has a perfect recall and loves the company of his people. He is the groomer of the family and spends lots of time preening his friends. He has done well in conformation, enjoys training in obedience and agility, and is starting to show some interest in the lure!

Kristull Jazzy Blue

Co-owned with Lyrical Silken Windhounds
Date of Birth: 8/14/18
ISWS Registration #: 2018-703/04
UKC Registration #: P893-782
Sire: UKC GRCH Gryffyn’s Kristull Bolero
Dam: UKC CH Kristull Heritage
Height: 24”
Color: Silver Brindle
MDR1 Clear, CEA Clear
OFA Health Tested
DNA: Verified by VGL (NCD117360)
Lyric “Rici” is a gorgeous boy with an outstanding temperament. He is a great ambassador for the breed and has never met a stranger! We love his goofy, fun-loving, and go-with-the-flow attitude. He loves playing with his humans and getting the pack zooming around the yard at high speeds. Lyric is just points away from his UKC championship title and will try race practice later this year. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for him at Sigil!

Clayborn Flying Under the Radar

(Photo by Cathi Wester)

Date of Birth: 7/19/18
ISWS Registration #: 2018-732/01
UKC Registration #: B204724
Sire: Firebird Clayborn Sea Dragon
Dam: Firebirds Wolf Creek Pass
Height: 23”
Color: Cream Sable Brindle Spotted
MDR1 Clear, CEA Clear
Embark DNA Results
OFA Health Testing in progress
DNA: Verified by VGL (ISW1257)