We are a small kennel located in Kokomo, IN. We are fully devoted to this special breed and our world revolves around our dogs! It is our goal to produce and raise bold, friendly, and most importantly, healthy and sound Silken Windhound puppies.


The Silken Windhound is an American breed of sighthound that originated in Texas in the mid 1980’s. Silkens are graceful, small to medium sized sighthounds with silky coats of middling length. They are affectionate and playful and are great family dogs who do well with most household pets. Silkens particularly like lure coursing, agility, obedience, rally, and nosework. If you’ve ever dreamed of a small, curvy dog something like a tiny Borzoi, with a long, flowing coat and soulful eyes, then you’ve dreamed of a Silken Windhound. These gentle dogs (sometimes referred to as Noodle Dragons and described as cartoon characters and mythical creatures) are descended from the larger Borzoi, the shorter-coated Whippet, and a bit of Sheltie, but are today very much a breed all their own.

For more info about the breed and the standard, visit

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